2nd South African National Burden of Disease Study (SANBD2)

The first step of the study involved an assessment of the cause of death statistics in South Africa. Burden of disease estimates were then developed to account for the under-registration of deaths as well as the mis-classification of causes. Estimates of deaths and years of life lost (YLLs) were calculated for the provinces and national for the period 1997 – 2012.

The study found that in 2012, just over 10 million years of life were lost due to premature mortality and provides the profiles of causes for each province. Although HIV/AIDS remains the number one cause of years of life lost across all provinces, differences in the profile of other cause were observed. In the Western Cape and Gauteng, for example, interpersonal violence ranks the number two cause of premature death whilst lower respiratory infections rank number two in the Limpopo province.

In preparation for the risk factor assessment, an investigation was undertaken to consider how the make use of the Global Burden of Disease Study’s comprehensive review epidemiological data to best estimate the extent of non-fatal burden and calculate disability adjusted life years (DALYs) from the local mortality estimates.  

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