Building Bridges Mentoring Programme: Building people, building community

The Building Bridges Mentoring Programme (BBMP) is a dynamic gender – based intervention that endeavours to promote equitable relationships by applying transformational processes to enhance agency and promote responsible and active citizenship.   The manual is a resource for facilitators working with men and boys, and women and girls, to develop leadership and mentoring skills to navigate the challenges of violence by promoting generative forms of masculinity and femininity, safety, and peace. The BBMP aims to strengthen individuals, build positive relationships, and invest in caring and supportive families and communities through mentoring and capacity building, and mobilizing community assets, including spiritual and religious assets that foster community connectedness and address community challenges. The Manual provides important practical details, through interactive sessions within specifically focused modules, e.g. Across Gender Boundaries – Masculinities and Femininities, and Mentoring in Action, which provides guidelines for activating leadership, agency, activism and social change. 

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Monday, December 4, 2017 - 09:43