End Violence! Talk to Your Children About Gender Equality

A focus on gender equality and inequality and on gender violence, particularly on promoting values and practices of gender equality and nonviolence among teachers, children, is necessary in light of the levels violence in the country. Families and schools are key spaces where ideas about gender, gender inequality and violence are constructed, transmitted and absorbed. However these sites are also where ideas and practices of equality and non-violence are taught, learned and circulated.

End Violence: Talk to your Children about Gender Equality” is a public awareness and knowledge and skills project which focuses on the talking about gender, violence as well as gender equality and inequality. The project is an extension of research on “Doing masculinities and femininities at home: Gender (in)equitable parenting in patriarchal and feminist families” which investigated the ways in which gender is constructed in families.

The aim is to support parents, teachers, and children with knowledge, skills and resources to learn and engage in discussions about gender, bodies, consent, violence, equality and inequality. To this end, we have developed and conducted workshops on gender inequality and equality, bodies, consent as well as violence and non-violence; and developed and disseminated resources (namely a pamphlet, a kids’ comic story book, and animated videos).

The desired outcomes of the project are to increase knowledge of gender equality, bodies, consent, violence and non-violence in order to promote more egalitarian behaviour and reduce violence.

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Monday, March 27, 2017 - 14:24