Adri Labuschagne

Ms Adri Labuschagne, the Office Manager of the Research Ethics Office, holds an MSc degree in Microbiology as well as a Postgraduate Diploma in Health Research Ethics from the University of Stellenbosch. She started at the SAMRC in Corporate Communication, doing Medline searches for researchers, and then moved on to writing newsletters. She also became involved in providing secretariat support to the Ethics Committee (as it was known then), Executive Management Committee, Board as well as its Research & Development sub-committee, and the Grants Committee. Researchers requested that the Ethics Committee should meet more regularly than the four times per year at that stage, and when the meetings became monthly from March 2011, Adri’s sole responsibility became the Ethics Committee. For 5 years she managed all the admin and logistics on her own, until in 2016 an assistant for the Office was appointed; the current incumbent is Ms Tara Langdown. Adri is currently responsible for the secretariat of both the Human Research Ethics Committee and Ethics Committee (HREC) for Research on Animals (ECRA). This includes preparing agendas, minutes and feedback, answering queries from researchers and the public, keeping abreast of new developments in research ethics, etc.

Ethics Office Manager