Dr Timothy Tucker

Profession & Current Positions

  1. Clinical Virologist
  2. CEO – SEAD Consulting Pty Ltd
  3. Adjunct Assoc. Professor – University of Cape Town School of Public Health and Family Medicine
  4. Non-executive Director – National Health Laboratory Service
  5. Trustee and Board Member – NHLS Research Trust

Area of Expertise

  • Clinical Virology
  • Health Systems Strengthening
  • Pathology Laboratory Service
  • Clinic-Laboratory-Interface
  • Public-private-partnerships

Qualifications & Designation/s

  • M.B.Ch.B.
  • Ph.D.
  • F.C.Path(SA)Viro

Top Publications

  1. Woldesenbet, SA., Kalou, M. Mhlongo, D., Kufa, T., Adelekan, A., Dialo, K., Maleka, M., Singh, B., Sands, A., Parekh,B., Tucker,T. and Puren, A.  An overview of the quality assurance programme for HIV rapid testing in South Africa: Outcome of a 2-year phased implementation of quality assurance program.  Plos One 2019 pending.
  2. Tucker TJ, Manyike PT. Improving the Clinical Laboratory Interface in the context of HIV diagnosis, treatment and monitoring.  Current Opinion in HIV & AIDS 2017, 12:105–111.
  3. Dominique JK, Ortiz-Osorno AA, Fitzgibbon J, Gnanashanmugam D, Gilpin C, Tucker T, Peel S, Kim P, Smith S,  Implementation of HIV&TB-Diagnostics: The Importance of Context.  Clinical Infectious Diseases 2015 61 (suppl 3): S119-S125 Oct 2015
  4. Kaleebu P, Abimiku A, El-Halabi S, Koulla-Shiro S, Mboup S, Nkengasong J, Toure-Kane C, Tucker T, Wassenaar D, Williamson C, Wolday D.  African AIDS Vaccine Programme Strategic Plan for a Co-ordinated and Collaborative Vaccine Development Effort on the Continent.  PLoS Medicine Dec 2008 Vol 5.
  5. Tucker T, Makgoba MW.  Public-Private Partnerships and Scientific Imperialism.  Science 23 May 2008 Vol. 320. no. 5879, pp. 1016–1017.

Association to the SAMRC
Dr Tucker has had a long association with the SAMRC since first receiving an SAMRC scholarship in 1991.  He worked for 5 years in the UCT/MRC Liver Research Centre, and was the inaugural director of the SA AIDS Vaccine Initiative (SAAVI) between 2001 and 2004.  He has supported various SAMRC HIV initiatives since then and continues to play a role in the health research management and funding space in SA and internationally.