Ms Sumaya Behardien

Ms Sumaya Behardien completed her LLB (Law) degree within 4 years at the University of the Western Cape at the end of 2004. Interested in working in the community in which she grew up, she commenced her legal career as a Candidate Attorney at Legal Aid South Africa, stationed at Atlantis Magistrates Court and provided legal representation to indigent persons. She continued her legal career at a private law firm (practising in the same region) to further her professional development and gain experience in a broader sphere of law however, she continued to provide pro bono legal assistance to many indigent persons. Ms Behardien was admitted as an Attorney of the High Court in April 2007 and as a Conveyancer and a Notary Public shortly thereafter. With a keen interest in the public sector, Ms Behardien gained experience as a Public Prosecutor at the National Prosecuting Authority from 2011 to 2013. She continued her career in the public sector at the Western Cape Government, as a State Law Advisor until February 2016. During March 2016, Ms Behardien visited the United States on the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) on the US Judicial System for which she was nominated by the US Consulate, Cape Town. Currently, she is a Senior Legal Advisor at the South African Medical Research Council, which is a National Public Entity. She also serves as a Tutor to law students at UNISA. As a legal professional for more than 12 years, Ms Behardien has made a conscientious effort to broaden her horizons in the legal profession and had the privilege of having worked in both the public & private legal sector. Her preference however, is the public sector.