Bidders Information for Closed Tenders

Bidders Information for closed Tenders


Bid number Bid description Bidders
SAMRC/BODRU-SHESCAP/2021/13/R Re-Advertisement of Strengthening Health Systems Capacity for Linkage to HIV Care for Adolescent Girls and Young Women and Adolescent Boys and Young Men in South Africa SHeSCap List
SAMRC/NCDRU-MBV/2021/08 Supply and Delivery of One (1) New 14-Seater Minibus Vehicle List
SAMRC/SCM-SDS/2021/07 Supply and Delivery of Stationery at South African Medical Research Council Provincial Offices List
SAMRC/SCM-PCCS/2021/06 Provision of Courier and Clearance Services List
SAMRC/OATBR-PPMS/2021/02 Provision of Performance management to optimise the achievements of the AGYW SIB List
SAMRC/OATBR-PPMS/2021/02 Provision of Performance Management Services List


Bid number Bid description Bidders
SAMRC/OATBR-PIVS/2020/16 Provision of Independent Verification Services List
SAMRC/PUDAC-SDIA&SGE/2020/15 Supply, Delivery and Installation of Autoclave and Steam Generator Equipment List


Bid number Bid description BIdders
SAMRC/PMAO-NIH:CDC/2018/12 Provision of Audit Services for the Projects Funded by International Donor List
SAMRC/HPRU-APPS/2018/09 Appointment of a Panel of Pharmaceutical Supplies (To be re-advertised) List