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Conditions of payments: Payment shall be made by bank transfer into the service provider’s bank account, 30 days from statement date.

SAMRC Workplace Policy on Covid-19 Vaccinations

  • In compliance with this policy, we are requesting that all service provider(s), that by virtue of the nature of the goods/services that they or might render for the SAMRC are required to frequent the premises of the SAMRC, also comply with this policy.
  • This means that we require confirmation from you as service provider(s) that any and all staff, whether sub -contracted or in your employ, that is required as a result of the services that they render enter the premises of the SAMRC, is vaccinated prior to entering any of our premises nation-wide.
  • We also request that a file with copies of the staff vaccination certificates be provided to us, for reference and safekeeping.


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Tel: +27 21 938 0911
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