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Bioethics Advisory Panel

Bioethics Advisory Panel (BAP)

Through the office of the President and CEO of the SAMRC, the SAMRC Bioethics Advisory Panel (BAP) was established with the intention of enhancing ethical and human rights in all its undertakings. The BAP functions are guided by the SAMRC’s values of Pioneering, Partnering, Excellence, Respect, Integrity and Citizenship. The SAMRC Bioethics Advisory Panel is established in terms of section 3.3.1 of the SAMRC Delegation of Authority Framework Policy.

The SAMRC BAP functions as an advisory panel to the SAMRC President and CEO and has no decision-making powers. Upon instruction from the SAMRC President & CEO, the SAMRC BAP will develop recommendations, statements, training, and education programs for SAMRC as well as guidelines for research and research translation based on ethics and human rights.

The SAMRC BAP comprises of members who collectively have the qualifications, expertise and experience in ethics, human rights, the law, health research and health care, and at least one member from the public. The SAMRC BAP is balanced in terms of demographic distribution. Ex-officio members are nominated from within the SAMRC.