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Extramural Research Units

The SAMRC’s Extramural Units are external research divisions commissioned to conduct research on its behalf. This research - which includes basic laboratory investigations, clinical research and public health studies - is undertaken by scientists employed by different South African and international science councils, medical schools, universities and research institutions that work with the SAMRC.

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To ensure that the SAMRC has a significant impact on improving the lives of South Africans, there is a need to ensure cohesion in the South African health research space, by not only concentrating on internal research within the SAMRC, but also reaching out to the external research community in the form of Extramural Units (EMUs). EMUs feed into the SAMRC strategic objectives by providing an integrated interdisciplinary research effort distinguished by scientific excellence and driven by a clear vision of research progress, new knowledge, new discoveries, technological developments, and the next generation of highly qualified researchers leading to national and global scientific impact for the country.