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Microbial Water Quality Monitoring

The Microbial Water Quality Monitoring Unit, based at the University of Fort Hare, studies water science and management with the aim of developing solutions to water-related challenges facing South Africa and the rest of the world.

Key focus areas

  • Monitoring waterborne and water-related disease-causing bacteria;
  • Evaluating challenges in microbial water quality and safety;
  • Developing the next generation of microbial water resource specialists;
  • Assessing the quality of water used for drinking, recreation, irrigation and fish farming;
  • Prioritising water resource monitoring and compliance;
  • Exploring compounds important for health and biotechnology;
  • Determining the effectiveness of current chlorine disinfection guidelines; and
  • Creating real-time antibiotic and chlorine resistant element detection devices.


Prof Anthony I Okoh
Unit Director
  • +27 40 602 2365