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Cardiometabolic Health

The Cardiometabolic Health Research Unit (CHRU) based at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Department of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Health & Wellness Sciences, provides a platform from which a team of researchers collaborate to provide an integrated research programme focusing on cardiometabolic traits (obesity, diabetes, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, and chronic kidney diseases): all with respect to inflammation, genetics, epigenetics, microbiome and oxidative mechanisms. The aim of the unit is to employ a holistic approach to investigate the context specific factors associated with diabetes and related cardiometabolic traits.

Key focus areas

  • Generate population specific data of the pathophysiological derangements involved in the occurrence of diabetes and related complications
  • Develop innovative approaches for risk stratification, prevent the progression to the disease stage among those at high risk, improve detection, and management among those with the disease through the development of population specific biomarkers
  • Characterizing the possible role of emerging research fields (epigenetics, microbiome, etc) linking inflammation to diabetes mellitus and cardiometabolic traits
  • Build capacity to ensure that innovative research in Africa is conducted in Africa by Africans.

For more information, visit the Cape Peninsula of Technology's website

Prof Tandi Matsha
Unit Director
  • +27 21 959 6603