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Working towards prevention of violence against women and its health impact

Gender and Health

The SAMRC's Gender and Health Research Unit aims to improve the health status and quality of life of women by conducting high quality scientific research. This informs the development of policies, healthcare services and  promotion of health. The Unit’s main interest is the prevention of gender-based violence and its impact on the lives and health of women.

The knowledge generated through the Unit’s research and partnership efforts helps the public and policy decision-makers understand current issues including the role of gender inequality and its impact on women’s lives.  The Unit hosted two global programs the Sexual Violence Research Initiative and the What Works to prevent violence against women and girls.


Key focus areas

  • Developing and evaluating prevention interventions
  • Describing the scope of gender based violence against women and girls locally and globally
  • Unpacking the impact of gender-based violence on health
  • Evaluating interventions that empower both men and women to improve their sexual and reproductive health
  • Growing research capacity in the fields of gender and health
  • Developing training materials for communities and healthcare workers on HIV/AIDS as well as sexual and reproductive health promotion and
  • Creating awareness around the quality of healthcare and other services provided in South Africa.