Profiling Science

Process elements contributing to community mobilization for HIV risk reduction and gender equality in rural South Africa
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Liver is widely eaten by preschool children in the Northern Cape province of South Africa: implications for routine vitamin A supplementation
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Service providers perceptions of barriers to the implementation of trauma-focused substance use services for women in Cape Town, South Africa
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Negative association of interleukin-33 plasma levels and schistosomiasis infection in a site of polyparasitism in rural Cameroon
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Therapeutic host-directed strategies to improve outcome in tuberculosis
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Strengthening quality of care for children who are HEU
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Effect of co-trimoxazole prophylaxis on morbidity and mortality of HIV-exposed, HIV-uninfected infants in South Africa: a randomised controlled, non-inferiority trial
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Mycobacterium tuberculosis: concentrate resources on recent infections.
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June 2
6th SA TB Conference 2020, Durban, 2 - 5 June 2020
June 8
Bio International Convention 2020, San Diego, 8 - 11 June 2020
July 6
23rd International AIDS Conference, San Francisco and Oakland, United States 6-10 July 2020
August 2
6th Malaria Research Conference 2020, Pretoria, 2 - 4 August 2020
September 15
International Congress of dietetics 2020, CTICC, South Africa, 15 - 18 September 2020