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Antiviral Gene Therapy

The Antiviral Gene Therapy Unit, based at Wits University, researches gene structure and DNA sequences to develop approaches in gene modification to treat disease.

‘Gene Therapy’ refers to treatments that genetically modify a patient’s cells and uses them to restore diseased cells back to health.

Key focus areas

  • Advancing the use of gene therapies to treat diseases affecting sub-Saharan Africa;
  • Hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection;
  • Improving HBV therapy availability;
  • Developing safe and efficient carriers of antiviral nucleic acid (the organic substance found in genes);
  • Producing sequence-specific DNA binding proteins; and
  • Working with academic and industrial partners to see the technology applied.

For more information, visit the Antiviral Gene Therapy Research Unit's website

Prof Patrick Arbuthnot
Unit Director
  • +27 11 717 2365