Technology Transfer Office

With the passing of the Intellectual Property Rights from Publicly Financed Research and Development Act in 2008, all SAMRC researchers are now obligated to disclose any potential intellectual property (IP) developed to the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) using the SAMRC’s invention disclosure form and, where appropriate, the TTO is required to protect and exploit the IP for the good of the people of South Africa. The obligations of the SAMRC and its staff members with respect to IP are set out in the SAMRC’s IP Policy.


  • To promote and implement the SAMRC’s IP Policy;
  • To effectively manage and commercialise IP developed by SAMRC researchers;
  • To ensure compliance of the SAMRC with the IPR Act; and
  • To create awareness amongst SAMRC researchers on issues relating to IP.

Key activities

Intellectual Property Management Intellectual Property Commercialisation
Receive invention disclosures, evaluate inventions/IP for patentability and commercial feasibility, file, prosecute and maintain patent/design/trademark applications, and manage copyrights. Prepare and implement commercialisation plans, identify potential commercialisation partners, negotiate and manage product development and commercialisation agreements, create spin-out companies, and manage benefit sharing.
Intellectual Property Risk Management Intellectual Property Advice
Monitor compliance with the IPR Act and the SAMRC’s IP policy and identify and manage IP risks. Provide IP advice to SAMRC researchers to ensure that research results are implemented for public benefit.

For more information on the SAMRC IP, please contact:

Dr Michelle Mulder
Executive Director: Grants, Innovation and Product Development (GIPD)