SETI Review

Final Report of the Panel for the 2017 Science, Engineering and Technology Institution (SETI) Review

We are pleased to submit our Review Report to you on completion of our work, performed as per the general specifications in our briefing documents. It must be understood that the Review is necessarily incomplete because the available time has been limited and the scope of SAMRC activities is far larger  than was anticipated. We have concentrated on high-level analysis of key documentary materials and the insights we could muster from the large number of grouped and individual interviews we conducted between 8 and 12 May 2017.

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(Previous) Final Report of the Panel for the 2010 SETI Review
This Report is submitted on completion of the Review Panel’s work, the first external review of the MRC since 2001, performed as best possible according to the general specifications in the brief. We have focused on the positioning of the MRC in the National System of Innovation (NSI), MRC governance,  operational issues, outputs and outcomes, and the special problem of the sharp recent decline in the volume and quality of South Africa’s clinical research. We have sought wherever possible to suggest and recommend solutions to problematic issues as we identified and perceived them, and hope that this  will bear fruit in terms of future MRC functioning and the execution of its mandate. View the complete SETI Review