University of Limpopo students walk in the shoes of SAMRC scientists

CAPE TOWN - On Thursday, 19th September, the South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) played host to a group of twenty-two medical sciences students from the University of Limpopo. The visit to the SAMRC’s Headquarters was part of the students’ five-day educational tour to Cape Town.

Mostly on their final year of studies, the students were offered an opportunity to explore the SAMRC - beginning with its overview to the diverse careers at the organisation and the field of medical science broadly. Dr Thabi Maitin, Division Manager for Research Capacity Development also talked them through the various funding mechanisms available at the organisation and a step-by-step guide on the application process.

Largely, the day allowed the students to “walk in the shoes of a scientist” as they were taken on a tour of the various Research Units at the organisation, including: Non-Communicable Diseases Research Unit; Biomedical Research and Innovation Platform and a visit to the SAMRC-BGI Genomics Centre. Not only did this part of the day give them a glimpse of the work of the SAMRC, but it also prepared them for the world of work and expanded their knowledge of the field.

Mr. Walter Phogole, a Biochemistry lecturer from the University accompanying the students, said they were very grateful to the SAMRC for hosting them, adding that the visit added a new and much needed dimension to their tour.

“In addition to demonstrating to the students what they are working towards in class, the day further stimulated learning beyond what textbooks, videos and what we as lecturers can provide to the learning environment,” said Phogolo.

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