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SAMRC Medical Devices Landscape Report

Landscape Report

SAMRC Medical Devices Landscape Report

Report of a survey conducted by the South African Medical Research Council January 2022

Executive Summary

It is widely recognised that the medical device (MD) industry in South Africa can contribute more significantly to economic growth, job creation, enhanced health outcomes and improved quality of life.  The COVID-19 pandemic further emphasised the importance of a robust innovation and production capability in key medical device areas so as to ensure greater health systems resilience and self-sustainability, and to enable a more agile response to public health emergencies.

This study was undertaken to better understand the size, characteristics and dynamics of the MD industry, to acquire more information on local capabilities, expertise and stakeholders within the value chain, such as for product development, testing, manufacture, market introduction and commercialisation, and to identify any gaps and barriers.

This medical device landscaping survey has added to the existing understanding of the medical device innovation and manufacturing ecosystem in South Africa. It has revealed important aspects regarding the size and shape of the manufacturing sector, the country’s knowledge generating capacity manifested in its STI institutions and the support infrastructure available to manufacturing companies and STI institutions. Importantly, it has reaffirmed and added to the previous knowledge base around the key gaps and barriers that have been hampering the growth of the sector.

View or Download the complete SAMRC Medical Devices Landscape Report (available in pdf)