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Research Integrity & Responsible Conduct of Research

Guiding Principles

Research using animals

Department of Health

South African Medical Research Council

Guideline booklets - The five guideline booklets below were produced between 2002-2004 by the SAMRC. These booklets are outdated and should only be consulted as background information.

They will not be revised in view of the fact that the National Health Research Ethics Council of the Department of Health has produced research guidelines for the country as listed below.

  • Book 1 - Guidelines on Ethics in Medical Research: General Principles.
  • Book 2  - Guidelines on Ethics in Reproductive Biology and Genetic Research.
  • Book 3  - Guidelines on Ethics in the Use of Animals in Research.
  • Book 4  - Guidelines on Ethics in the Use of Biohazards and Radiation.
  • Book 5  - Guidelines on Ethics in HIV Vaccine Trials.