Research Ethics Policy

Research Ethics Policy

1. Introduction

1.1 The Mission of the SAMRC is: “To improve the nation’s health and quality of life by   conducting and funding relevant and responsive health research, development, innovation and research translation”. The SAMRC’s statement of values also indicates that research must be of high quality and conducted with scientific integrity.

1.2 South Africa is a Constitutional Democracy whose Constitution (Act 108 of 1996) promotes and protects human dignity, equality and the advancement of human rights.

1.3  The SAMRC entrenches the culture of promotion of human rights as a core value in health research and elevates the critical role of the regulatory, legal and ethical framework plays in the conduct of research.

1.4 The regulatory, legal and ethical processes underpin and form an integral part of every research project be it human or animal. These processes are vital for assuring the quality and standard of research, i.e. responsible scientific enquiry. Scientific integrity is achieved through training and support for research and by ensuring that research is conducted within an appropriate regulatory, legal and ethical framework.

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