University of Pretoria Centre for Sustainable Malaria Control

The Centre for Sustainable Malaria Control (CSMC), based at the University of Pretoria, coordinates and promotes research programmes (in partnership with other organisations) that focus on new approaches to safe and sustainable malaria control and management.

Key focus areas

  • Produce new knowledge on safe malaria control in Africa;
  • Align research goals with those of the National Department of Health (to eliminate malaria in South Africa by 2018 );
  • Work with regional, national and international partners on malaria management projects;
  • Support initiatives for malaria control in Africa;
  • Use sustainable and environmentally safe malaria control technologies;
  • Develop effective management strategies for malaria cases;
  • Promote health education in high-risk areas; and
  • Increase the amount of malaria researchers by supporting the development of the next generation.
Director: Prof Christiaan de Jager
Tel: +27 (0)12 319 2191 / 2192; E-mail: