National Injury Mortality Surveillance System (NIMSS)

The National Injury Mortality Surveillance System (or NIMSS) is currently the most detailed source of information on the “who, what, when and where” of fatal injuries in South Africa. The NIMSS contributes widely to the injury prevention and safety promotion agenda in SA. It comprises information on 350 000-injury fatalities and is a useful source of information for monitoring injury trends, the effectiveness of prevention initiatives, and the accuracy of other data sources.


The overall purpose of this project is to provide accurate and timely information on the incidence, causes and circumstances of injury or non-natural deaths. The NIMSS enables capacity development, information dissemination and collaborative research among many stakeholders.


  • For forensic pathology services NIMSS provides important information for the allocation of resources, auditing of costs and rationalisation of services.
  • Provides descriptive information needed for the design and implementation of preventive interventions at municipal, metropolitan, provincial and national levels.

The automated capture and reporting system has been developed and piloted at selected Forensic Pathology Services in Gauteng and Mpumalanga. This version of the system allows for the collection of fatal injury data to be centralised and standardised

Data Requests

Requests for data, information, consultancy and questionnaires

The Violence, Injury and Peace Research Unit has as one of its goal the provision of access to NIMSS data to anyone who needs information on injury magnitude and patterns in South Africa. All requests for data, reports, questionnaires, consultancy etc. should be completed on the prescribed request form.

Please download, sign and submit to: Najuwa Arendse, E-mail:


Provincial Reports


National Injury Mortality Surveillance System - Training

NIMSS comes as a partnership between SAMRC (South African Medical Research Council), UNISA and the Mpumalanga Department of Health