Risk & Resilience in Mental Disorders

The Risk and Resilience in Mental Disorders Research Unit - with key researchers at the University of Stellenbosch, the University of Cape Town (UCT) and Northwest University -  researches anxiety and stress disorders. It is also involved in projects in related fields, including the Drakenstein Neurodevelopmental and Neuro-GAP studies.

Early brain development in children born to depressed mothers in high and low-income settings
Postdoctoral Fellow: research project starting April 2023

Department of Psychiatry & Mental Health; Faculty of Health Sciences

Applications are now invited for a postdoctoral research project in developmental neuroscience, which will be embedded in a larger five-year project (2022-2027) that is funded by an NIMH R01 research grant.

Application closing date: 31 March 2023

Key focus areas

  • Promoting the use of basic science and clinical research to improve the diagnosis, prevention and management of mental disorders in South Africa;
  • Prioritising the risk and resilience factors in mental disorders;
  • Applying clinical evidence to real world settings to improve mental health interventions through primary healthcare and community initiatives;
  • Adding to existing research on mental disorders and mental health to benefit South Africans - and Africans;
  • Developing new research programmes focused on studies that can be applied in real world settings;
  • Working with other organisations and groups to address major mental disorders in Africa;
  • Training and supporting Clinician Scientists who specialise in mental disorders and mental health; and
  • Promoting the use of psychiatry and mental health research findings in policy-making and in practice.

This unit serves as a central structure providing oversight and coordination of several studies in mental disorders and mental health and will provide the nucleus for the further development of these and for capacity development through training of clinician-scientists. Students, post-doctoral fellows and any others should contact the Unit if interested in our work: tel nr: 021 938 9229; Prof Dan J. Stein: Dan.Stein@uct.ac.za; Prof Christine Lochner: cl2@sun.ac.za.

Director: Prof Dan Stein
Room K2033, Clinical Building, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Stellenbosch University, Francie van Zijl Boulevard, Tygerberg, 7505
Tel office: 021-406-6566
Email: dan.stein@uct.ac.za
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Co-director: Prof Christine Lochner
Email: cl2@sun.ac.za
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For more information, visit the Mental Health Information Centre's Website.