SAMRC research on Femicide and Child homicide

Prof. Naeemah Abrahams & Bianca Dekel

Dedicated femicide studies must be done as current crime data does not allow for disaggregation and the identity of the perpetrators.  The 1st National Femicide study established that South Africa has an intimate femicide rate that far exceeds documented rates for other countries i.e. in 1999 we found 4 women were killed per day by an intimate partner. We repeated the Femicide study to look at women killed in 2009. As before we used a national mortuary-based sample and followed up all the identified cases with police to gain further information about the circumstances of the murder and the identity of the perpetrator. We found an overall  decline in the number of women killed but it remained more than 1000 women killed by an intimate which related to 3 women a day. Women were also killed by non-partners i.e. strangers/ acquaintances.  We further found for 20% of the women killed, a perpetrator was never identified. We also included child homicides and for the 1st time established the scope of child homicides in South Africa. See all our reports attached.

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