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CER co-chair election results - Congratulations to our own Mduduzi Ngubane, Isipingo CRS, Durban, RSA

It is our pleasure to announce the results of our recent elections. Our new leaders of the Global CERs are:

  • Latin America: Francisco Tenorio, Mexico City CRS, Mexico
  • Sub-Saharan Africa: Mduduzi Ngubane, Isipingo CRS, Durban
  • United States: Rafael Gonzalez, Bridge HIV CRS, San Francisco

Below are their nomination statements. We are so grateful to all of the candidates from all regions who stepped forward for consideration!! It is truly a privilege to work with such talented individuals.

  • Francisco Tenorio, Mexico City CRS, Mexico City, Mexico:
    I am a Human Rights advocate with experience in education, sexual rights and youth engagement. I have collaborated with different organizations, universities and government institutions in education and research processes. I participated in the Ship for World Youth Program of the Cabinet Office of the Government of Japan and in the Contrapunctus Study Program of the Council of Europe. Since 2016, I have collaborated with the University of Washington as coordinator in Mexico of the study abroad program LGBTQ + Communities, Public Health, and Migration in Mexico and in other University of Washington projects. I have served as member of the Youth Advisory Group of the United Nations Fund of Population Office in Mexico - UNFPA Mexico during the period 2019-2020.  Since 2019, I have been working on research studies at Clínica Especializada Condesa as Community Educator. My professional and personal experiences in the last years have taught me how important it is to work together and to share spaces with different regions across the world. In them we can learn a lot, share experiences, good practices, and reflections. It will be an honor for me to be able to represent my country, Mexico, and the Latin America region in general, as well to contribute so that the research site in which I collaborate can enhance the activities of Community Education and Engagement. 
  • Mduduzi Ngubane, Isipingo CRS, Durban, RSA:
    My name is Mduduzi Ngubane, a Community Liaison Officer for the SAMRC Isipingo Clinical Research site. I have worked in clinical research for almost 15 years where I worked  as Recruiter, Community Educator and a Liaison Officer.  I have experience working in Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 2B, Phase 3, and Open Label Extension trials. I have written up abstracts for conferences, been part of stakeholder consultations prior to initiation of new protocols, and trained and supported  the Community Working Group/ CAB/ CAG. I feel being nominated for this role could assist me to raise issues to assist and support the engagement programme. I recently completed an AVAC course on strengthening stakeholder engagement. I hope this narrative will help you in considering me for this role.
  • Rafael Gonzalez, San Francisco, CA:
    I am excited to express my strong interest in the U.S. CER Co-Chair position for the HVTN! I have worked with the HVTN for 7 years. In this time, I have grown from intern to Community Programs Manager. In between these two positions, I have worked as a clinical studies recruiter/community educator and as a research associate.  In my current position, I oversee clinical study recruitment, enrollment, and community engagement. In addition, I have sat on protocol teams (HVTN 706/HPX3002, HVTN123/HPTN088 and HVTN 405) and am a member of the CoVPN Community Working Group. Having this breadth of experience gives me a unique point of a view and understanding of the lifecycle of conducting a successful clinical trial at an individual site. This understanding allows me to represent Bridge HIV, as well as the HVTN, when collaborating with community as well as other external stakeholders such as local jurisdictions, health departments, and community-based organizations – with soul and science.
HPRU symposium: HIV, TB and COVID-19, 15 February 2021

HPRU, SAMRC, in collaboration with scientists from CAPRISA, UCT, and Wits University, held a symposium on HIV, TB and COVID-19 vaccines. The four scientists highlighted lessons learned, strategies and next steps in vaccine development, current research results, and their views on what the future holds for these vaccines in public health and disease management.

You can access the symposium recording (video) and presentations below:

HPRU symposium: Ethically acceptable consent approaches to adolescent research in South Africa, 21 June 2021

HPRU, SAMRC, in collaboration with researchers from Wits University, University of KwaZulu Natal, Desmond Tutu HIV Centre - UCT, UNISA, and the University of Pretoria held a symposium on Ethically acceptable consent approaches to adolescent research in South Africa. The presentations included reviewing international trends regarding ethical consent for adolescents, reflecting on the ethical-legal concerns in advancing child health, and looking at current consent approaches in SA. The symposium concluded with several suggestions to address the challenges to obtaining consent for adolescent research in SA. You can access the symposium video and presentations below:

HIDRU symposium: COVID-19, HIV and TB - viral evolution, disease progression and health services, 14 March 2022

HIDRU, SAMRC, in collaboration with scientists from CAPRISA, SAPRIN, and UKZN, hosted a symposium on the interactions between COVID-19, HIV and TB, and its effects on viral evolution, disease progression and health service delivery. The three guest speakers shared the latest research regarding the burden of this tri-infection, its clinical manifestations, vaccine effectiveness, and long term strategies in managing these diseases.