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Imagine Evaluation

If you are based in the sub-districts of Newcastle or Moretele, your school or your child’s school may have been chosen for the Imagine Programme. The programme will provide services to improve the health and wellbeing of adolescent girls and young women at chosen schools in Newcastle and Moretele sub-districts. The programme is being delivered by NACOSA and local NGOs.

The Imagine Evaluation is an assessment of the Imagine Programme

Researchers from the Office of AIDS and TB Research and the Health Systems Research Unit of the South African Medical Research Council
In 14 schools chosen for the Imagine Programme in the Moretele sub-district of the North West Province and the Newcastle sub-district of Kwazulu-Natal.
Female learners in grades 9 – 12 at schools where the Imagine Programme is happening.  The female learners need to be 13 years or older, from classes that are randomly chosen by the chief statistician at the South African Medical Research Council.
To find out whether the Imagine Programme is reaching its goals and whether it improves the lives, health and wellbeing of adolescent girls and young women.  The evaluation will provide information about how the Imagine Programme can be improved.

Female learners in grades 9-12 at chosen schools will be randomly selected and invited to participate in a survey or an interview.

The survey is a confidential electronic survey with questions that can be read or listened to. Surveys will be conducted in a classroom during or after school.

The interview is a private one-on-one discussion with an interviewer. Interviews will take place in a safe, private space or over the phone.

Surveys and interviews can be done in English, isiZulu or Setswana. There will be no names on the survey or interview recording. Female learners who participate will receive a small gift to thank them for their time.

Note: The Imagine Evaluation and the Imagine Programme are not the same. The evaluation will assess the programme.  

The programme we are assessing :

The Imagine Programme is a new programme being delivered by NACOSA and local NGOs. The programme aims to improve the lives, health and wellbeing of adolescent girls and young women in high school.  

The programme is for grade 8 - 12 female learners in 6 schools in Moretele (North West) and 8 schools in Newcastle (KwaZulu-Natal), over a 2.5 year period starting in 2022.

The programme provides a wide range of services focused on the life of female learners. These services will be delivered through Imagine Programme teams at schools, mobile clinics, health facilities or in community facilities.


Contact Details

Catherine Mathews (English)
Principal Investigator
  • Tel. +27 21 938 0247
  • E-mail:
Kim Jonas (English, isiZulu, Setswana, Sesotho)
Project Manager
  • Tel. +27 21 938 0344
  • E-mail:
Stanley Carries (English)
Project Co-ordinator
  • Tel. +27 31 203 4871
  • E-mail:
Zoe Duby (English)
Qualitative Evaluation Lead
  • Tel. +27 21 938 0211
  • E-mail: