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Dr Thandi Kapwata
Specialist Scientist
Contact Info
Tel: +27 12 3398644
PhD (Geography) - University of Pretoria
MSc (Environmental science) - University of KwaZulu Natal

Dr Thandi Kapwata is a Specialist Scientist in the Environment & Health Research Unit of the South African Medical Research Council. She holds a PhD from the University of Pretoria. Her research focuses on environmental risk factors affecting health in South Africa including air, water and soil pollution and the health impacts of exposure to climate variables. One of her main areas of interest relates to the health impacts of exposure to temperature extremes in the form of high temperatures and heatwaves, particularly in rural and vulnerable communities because they often lack the resources to combat the health risks of heat. The association between heat and health is a very under researched topic in Africa Dr Kapwata’s research aims to contribute to evidence-based climate change mitigation and adaptation policies which are crucial in developing actions that are tailored to the risk profile of populations. In so doing, those most vulnerable and those at highest risk would be protected.